How did I manage to combine passion and work? Find out more about the projects I have been working on below.

I started training Athletics in Elementary school when I was seven years old. I immediately fell in love with it. After multiple years of competing in Athletics at amateur level and volunteering at International Athletics events, I also met the other side of the Sport, the business one. I have fallen in love with it also. I knew that Sport is my calling and I have decided to develop myself in the Area. Wanna know more about me and the projects I have been working on? Continue reading.    

Back in 2018 I gained a Bachelor’s degree diploma in Sports Management from Libertas International University Zagreb. In 2022, I gained a Master’s degree diploma in Digital Marketing from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb. 

I managed to successfully combine Sports, Management and Marketing. Therefore, I cooperate with multiple Croatian Sports Federations and Clubs today. 

Stručna prvostupnica Menadžmenta športa i športskih djelatnosti na promociji
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Na Hanžekovićevom memorijalu 2019. godine
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In my career, I have successfully worked on more than thirty projects, including the following:
  • World Athletics Continental Tour Gold Zagreb / IAAF World Challenge Zagreb 2017 – 2024
  • World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023
  • European Athletics U20 Championships Jerusalem 2023
  • European Athletics U23 Championships Espoo 2023
  • European Athletics Team Championships Silesia 2023
  • International Para Athletics Meeting Zagreb Open 2019 – 2023
  • Croatia Open Para Athletics Championships 2019 – 2023
  • Balkan Karate Championships for Cadets, Juniors & U21 Rijeka 2021
  • Balkan Karate Championships for Seniors, Children & Veterans Poreč 2021
  • European Athletics Throwing Cup Split 2021

Volunteering experience 

2011 was the year when I gained my first volunteering experience. As Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, was coming to Zagreb, it was the perfect chance to step into the volunteering world. The first foreign volunteering experience I have gained back in 2013 at the European Athletics Junior Championships which was held in Rieti, Italy. So far, I have, among other events, volunteered at five European Athletics Championships and at one World Athletics Championships. 

Volunteering projects in Athletics I had been working on are as follows: 

  • European Athletics Indoor Championships Istanbul 2023
  • World Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade 2022
  • European Athletics Team Championships Silesia 2021 – Super League
  • European Athletics Indoor Championships Torun 2021
  • IAAF Continental Cup Ostrava 2018
  • European Athletics Championships Berlin 2018
  • European Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade 2017
  • Balkan Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade 2017
  • European Athletics Junior Championships Rieti 2013
  • IAAF World Challenge Zagreb 2011 – 2016 
Through my entire volunteering experience, I have gained additional knowledge and skills which resulted in the opportunity to work as the Head of the Volunteers Department at certain Sports events.
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Behind the scenes na Europskom ekipnom prvenstvu, Silesia 2021.
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Na Svjetskom dvoranskom prvenstvu u atletici, Beograd 2022.
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